Win 19 million rubles at Aplay casino and be blocked. The player began to withdraw money

The problem with the payment to the player Vladimir72 was resolved positively. His comment on the complaint:

Greetings! Thank you all very much for your participation! My problem is solved!!! Today I received a message from the casino manager saying that all questions from the security service have been removed!!!!!!! I want to separately thank everyone who did not remain indifferent to my problem !!! Thanks to my casino manager!!! Although it made me nervous)))

What did the representatives of the casino Aplay casino answer to Vladimir:

Hello, Vladimir! As we have previously reported, your account has been reviewed to ensure that there is no illegal activity related to interference with the software of the game provider, the presence of duplicate accounts or collusion. To obtain objective data, the employees of Blue Printgaming Ltd conducted an additional check of your gaming activity, which was the reason for the delay in our response, since, unfortunately, such checks do not have a clearly established time limit.

However, it is worth noting that such procedures are part of our obligations to licensing and regulatory authorities. We regret that we were unable to provide information on the results of the verification as soon as possible and we apologize to you.

At the same time, we do not understand the reasons why you were active in thematic communities where you accused us of unfair deduction of your winnings. Given that information regarding verification statuses was provided each time you contacted Aplay Casino support. We would be grateful if, in the future, any of your complaints or disputes will be based on the final decision, and not on assumptions.

We also consider it appropriate to ask you to supplement all your complaints with the information from this letter, so that for users of thematic communities up-to-date information was available. Regarding the results of the checks, we can report that no violations or other compromising activities have been found regarding your account. Based on the results, access to your account and your funds has been restored. On behalf of the Aplay Casino team, we congratulate you and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Remember the story of the player 99frankov at the SlotV casino, who won a huge amount of $650,000 (that's about 43 million rubles), after which he was withdrawn a little more than 11 million and his account was blocked? So this time, a very similar story is happening at the APlay casino, which belongs to the same PlayAttack affiliate program.

Player Vladimir72 filed a complaint on the website on March 7, saying that his account was blocked after winning 19 million rubles. Text of the complaint:

Greetings! I have such a problem! Registered in the online casino Aplay casino started playing! Passed the versification of problems with deposits and with payments were absent until the moment of a big win! Won 19 mil! And the problems started! My account has been blocked! I can enter the winnings, but I can’t play and withdraw funds! Explain that your account is being checked! (manufacturer check) The security service wrote that the check takes from 7-14 days! A month has passed and today no one can answer anything intelligible to me in an online chat, they write that this check has no deadlines! I didn't violate any casino rules, I don't have any accounts except for one! I have not deposited money from any other cards! They asked for video verification via skype, I passed it! They ask why you play only with this manufacturer! Because I like these machines!

The answer of the representative of the casino Aplay:

A provider-initiated check is currently in progress, as we have told the player. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the timing of this review. As soon as we receive the results, we will notify the user.

Do you understand what trend (the 2nd case in the last 3 months) is observed in the casinos of the PlayAttack group? If there is a big win, the amount is not paid, the account is blocked and some strange verification by the provider begins (to be more precise, a “request for verification” is sent). Has the request been sent to the provider or not? Nobody will ever know. And what can the provider answer? - Something like: “Well, yes, our slot, well, yes, there you can catch such and such a multiplication - but didn’t you know?” Do you check strategies in licensed slots? - seriously?

- If you think that the problem is in the software, why are you adding it? - If there is no money to pay out such huge amounts, then limit the maximum bet in the slot, let the players play for a maximum of 100 rubles. They catch the x1000 multiplication - you will find 100,000 rubles to pay out, and if you don’t even find that much, lower the maximum bid even more ...

But why cause problems to players from scratch, verified players, not scammers, not abusers, etc. Once again: the player plays Blueprint Gaming slots, which are added by the managers of the Aplay casino in the casino lobby; the player plays at the stakes set by the managers of the Aplay casino; the player plays for his own money (not for bonuses) - But as soon as he wins in one of the slots at a high rate, his account is blocked.

P.S. Recently, I have been observing some similar positive reviews on the site from the casinos of the PlayAttack group, perhaps cheating, or maybe not. Not sure yet.

Again, I hope that the situation will be resolved positively in the direction of player Vladimir72. What is the player doing here? He just loves certain software (Blueprint Gaming) and plays with it.

Another thought came to mind .. or maybe they are taking time to accumulate the amount and still pay the player money? What do you think?